Noodoe Navigation Allows Riders to Focus on the Road

Modern navigation requires riders to repeatedly look down at the screen to know when to turn. Putting rider safety first, Noodoe Navigation is designed to allow riders to focus on the road.

Instead of continuously telling you how many meters until the next turn – and requiring you to repeatedly look at the screen – Noodoe Navigation presents to you the number of junctions on your side of the street before your next turn.

At stoplights, Noodoe Navigation shows you the full view of what is still to come, so you can anticipate everything ahead. This detailed journey information is only displayed when you have time to read it safely.

Enter multiple destinations – up to 5 – on your phone at any one time. When you turn the key, all destinations seamlessly transfer to the scooter to create the corresponding journey you desire. This is especially useful when you want to cruise open roads or take a scenic route.

You can follow the following steps to update the Navigation Function. Before updating, please ensure you are running the latest version of Noodoe.

  • Connect your scooter first.

  • Upgrade the firmware to the Navigation version.

    ※If your firmware version is 0.75, please watch this video.
  • Download the Navigation map

  • Enter your desired destinations.

  • Choose your preferred voice options.

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